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Birthdate:Jun 30
Location:California, United States of America
Please DO NOT email me at my Dreamwidth/LiveJournal address because you will go into a spam bucket. Instead, use my Gmail ID name at

Emergency contact information is here.

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I'm a 41-year old woman who writes comic books and designs games. Because I like having a house with running water and electricity, I also write software manuals.

But this is the internet. For all you know, I'm actually a 62-year old balding man typing one-handed in Florida.

All of my posts are friends-only.

I don't tend to add people unless I know them. I used to add people all the time, but I use LJ for my personal thoughts and for communicating with real life friends these days. I don't post much of anything interesting to people that don't know me anyhow.

My typing and my thinking do not go at the same pace. I try to be careful, but sometimes my words and punctuation come out in the most deplorable ways. When I notice, I edit. I always review what I write before I post, but it never seems to help.

If you tend to make significant decisions based on magical thinking and crappy science, then I'm probably going to annoy you. I think it's nearly evil to let your child contract diseases like measles and polio because some very crappy studies were published that claim that vaccines lead to autism. It's one thing to think that organic produce is a good idea; it's quite another to put your children and your neighbors' infants at risk because a quack got a grant. Tip: credible studies don't tend to need much attention from Salon.

"I'm sorry, Mrs. Smith, but your daughter is paralyzed from polio. But good news -- at least she doesn't have autism!"

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